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    The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath.
    - Led Zeppelin, The Battle of Evermore

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    Recently a friend posted this video on facebook.  The presentation is fun – in fact there are a lot of these kind of things on youtube that we spent time laughing about at our house the other day – but what touched me here was the music.  Such powerful music.  The music in this video brings tears to my eyes.

    What I’ve been listening to lately:

    Michael recently sent me a recording of himself performing two of his songs, Open Road and Petrified

    Open Road


    Michael is stoked because he will be playing again, on February 28th, at the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake.

    Lindsay Mac

    She say’s she can’t play the guitar at all, but I really love the way she plays the cello!

    Some Great News!

    geddy-leeI just listened to a brief segment of Bob and Tom during which they talked with Geddy Lee.  They asked him about future plans for Rush and Geddy said that right now they’re taking some time off, but that they’re thinking they’ll get together late this year to start writing some new things.  And possibly just as exciting, he’s considering some solo work.  If you’d like, you can hear the segment here (it’s nine minutes long):

    Ok, so I know I’m a little behind on this, but I didn’t watch the Grammy’s and this just came across my radar this morning:
    Coldplay won the Grammy for Song Of The Year for ‘Viva La Vida’ at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles

    I am appalled.  I’m looking for other words that mean appalled.  The only synonym Merriman Webster comes up with is dismayed.  Dismayed is not at all adequate.  I’m appalled.  Merriman Webster says that “appall implies that one is faced with that which perturbs, confounds, or shocks.”  Oh I’m perturbed all right.  Perturb is to “disturb greatly in mind.”  My mind is definitely disturbed.  I am shocked, and sickened and revolted and aghast and disgusted and outraged.  I am appalled.

    When I first heard of Coldplay, I wanted to like them.  I’m not sure why, but I did.  I then saw them on Jimmy …

    I’m feeling old these days. This didn’t help much, but it did make me smile…

    Something, I Feel Fine

    I know, it’s not a Christmas song, but… well, I love my wife, and this is the song in my head this morning (it’s actually been the song in my head for a number of monrings lately).

    One of our favorite television shows is Sports Night.  Of course, it was canceled some time ago, unfortunately after a far too brief run, but it still remains at the top of our lists.  In one episode, the producer of Sports Night, played by Felicity Huffman, attends her first Broadway play; I believe it was The Lion King.  When she returns to the studio she was so moved by the performance that she keeps repeating “did you know we could do that?” referring to the emotion generated in the performance.  I was reminded of that sentiment Wednesday night when we stopped in to hear part of Jeston’s rehearsal with Northwest Sound.  I just love a men’s chorus – LIVE.  You can hear some of them below, although to me the recordings just can’t convey the depth of sound and power that they can generate.  …

    Dave Mason

    For a number of years I’ve been listening to Bob and Tom radio in the mornings.  Sometime’s their humor gets a little juvenile, but they have nationally known comedians on regularly as well as interesting other guests.  Of the other guests I particularly like the musicians they have on, particularly when they set them up in studio to perform (I’m a little bit of a sucker for that “unplugged” sound).
    Last week they had Dave Mason on.  Dave Mason was originally in Traffic, and for a brief time was with Fleetwood Mac.  Mason has played and recorded with many of our era’s most notable musicians, including Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Mama Cass Elliot.  He performed two of his best known songs live on Bob and Tom, and I couldn’t decide which …

    Across the Universe

    acrosstheuniverse.jpgA few weeks ago we watched “Across the Universe” at our house.  Since then:

    J’Neil has learned to play “Hey Jude” on the guitar while she sings it
    Kristin ordered and recieved the complete soundtrack
    Most all of us have loaded said soundtrack onto our computers
    Kristin also ordered and recieved the movie on dvd, which we watched on our drive to Montana
    I’ve been playing “Let it Be”, though I prefer to have someone else sing it with me
    There’ s been a great deal of dialogue in the house about how the Beatles wrote some pretty great music
    Also dialogue about how much better some of these folks from the movie performed those songs than the Beatles did
    80% of my exersize time has been to the soundtrack of Across the Universe
    We’ve all decided that we really like Jim Sturgess, who plays the lead
    We had to …

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