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    Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy sunday afternoon.
    - Susan Ertz

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    It’s…. An Old Car!

    Jamie made a comment on my last post (It’s….   A New Car!) that I should have gotten “the oldie” and that she would like to see a picture of me in it.  It’s still there for sale…  he’s only asking $5500 for it if anyone is interested;  however I’m not so comfortable going down the street and asking if I can get a picture of myself in it.  But that brought to mind this picture of me and Kristin in an old Model A.  There is a jump seat in the back with David, J’Neil and Sam sitting in it.  This was up at my Uncle Marvin’s place in Garland, Utah.  He had a couple of them and was fixing them up.  We drove this one up and down the road in front of his place, and as I recall, driving it was a little …

    Yearbook Yourself

    On a couple  of the other sites I visit (Ashley’s Daily Blog, Michelle’s First Seat First Row) they’ve been having fun with a website called Yearbook Yourself.  Here’s some results of my recent visit there:
    First, from 1950, not sure the scruffy beard look would have really worked…
    Next, here’s a gem from 1954.  This one makes me want to Vote for Pedro…
    Ok, on the left is their version of my 1960 picture, on the right what I actually looked like in 1960…
    Ok, now the year I actually did graduate from High School, 1974.  The one on the right is actually from 1973, in …

    Mountain Jan 15

    I know, I’ve posted something just like this before, but I couldn’t resist this view from the plane window this morning.


    Picture Page, Nov 17, 2007

    The other day I was visiting a recuperating Cathie Cottle and she asked about being able to see more pictures.  So, here’s a page with some pictures on it.  You can click on the thumbnails for larger sizes.  I’ll try to change them periodically.
    Here’s one of the whole crew taken about 18 months ago.  From left to right Samwise, J’Neil, Jamie and Mathew (Brandon is there too, though at this point he’s hidden in Jamie’s belly), Jeff and Ashley, Kelly, Christopher and Dillon, Michael, Heather, David, Kristin and me.
    Here’s a couple of Samwise, one of my favorites, and a recent one.
    samwink.gif       sam.JPG
     Here’s a couple of J’Neil …