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    “Life forces enough final decisions on us. We should have the sense to avoid as many of the unnecessary ones as we can.”
    - Leslie Oastler, Until I Find You by John Irving

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    2013 Candy Bowl!

    Are you ready?
    Welcome to the Cottle Candy Bowl
    The grid has been filled in, the numbers have been drawn.  Now we just await the game and superbowl / candybowl excitement!

    Below are the grids — they are all the same except that different files have different names highlighted, with the goal of making it easier for everyone to find their own name.  So look for the title that would best describe you, and hopefully your name will be highlighted within.  But any grid will do.

    So click on the link, download the file (pdf), print it out and have it ready to go for kickoff on Sunday!  Go Team!
    9th candy bowl
    Team Cardston
    Texas vs Colorado
    The Happy Heretics
    The Curtis-Larkin Collaborative
    Class of 1983…