A little about us:

My name is Kristin, and the happy guy next to me in this photo is my husband Craig. We have been using essential oils for over 20 years.

When I was introduced to oils, I had no idea how much I would come to rely on them for my health and emotional support.

At first I used oils just for their aroma. I loved how they made my house smell and I enjoyed the way people would respond when they walked in the room where I was diffusing. I realized my kids would be more cheerful or more calm after breathing in the aroma. We used the oils I had at the time quite extensively for their emotional benefits.

A few years after I was first introduced to oils, I experienced a brain injury which provided a variety of challenges. Most frustratingly, my once super-fast brain was left in a fog. I found myself staring off into space a lot as my brain had a hard time focusing.

I continually experienced sensory overload, especially when multiple conversations were taking place around me. This made it hard to be in a group of people, and I spent more and more time at home. It was disruptive to my life and very discouraging. I saw only minimal improvement with medication, and did not enjoy the side effects.

I discovered doTERRA

After a few years of dealing with these challenges, I discovered doTERRA. As I learned more about doTERRA’s mission and the purity and potency of their oils, I began using the oils for more than just enhancing my mood. I found they could help ease muscle tension, provide better sleep and soothe skin irritation. I started using them for cleaning and Craig, who is the cook in the family, began adding them to recipes.

As I incorporated essential oils more and more into my life, and began using doTERRA’s amazing Lifelong Vitality Supplements, I found that not only was I more grounded and happier, but my ability to concentrate was greatly improved. Both the oils and Lifelong Vitality are now part of my daily routine to uplift my mood, support healthy breathing and brain function, hormone balance and more.

Craig relies on oils to support his digestive system, and to soothe and relax his muscles before and after his long bike rides. He was so very grateful for doTERRA’s Deep Blue as he waited months during the pandemic for hip replacement surgery.

I love to travel with my kids, and we never go anywhere without our oils for immune support, restful sleep in new time zones, soothing muscles and relaxing feet after walking all day, or to help keep the mosquitos at bay.

Essential oils have made such a difference in our lives, we feel a responsibility to share what we’ve learned with everyone. Now Craig and I help people discover how this natural approach to wellness can help them live more joyful and healthy lives.

We would love to help you discover what essential oils can do for you and your family, too, and empower you to take more control over your health and wellness!

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