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    Some world views are spacious, some are merely spaced
    - Neil Peart

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    Happy Halloween!

    Cow Ghost

    This is Brilliant

    pet_collageSome folks are offering a pet service specifically to those Christians that believe they’re going to be called directly to heaven in the event of Rapture.  For a small fee (around $110.00) the service promises believing Christians that if the Rapture happens, their pets (that have been left behind) will be taken care of.  Ok, good idea, but here’s the smart part:  the guarantee specifically stipulates that an atheist, a certified atheist, will be the one to take care of your pet.  One group actually promises their atheist don’t convert:  “Every month or every week the members of this group will have to click on [a] Web site and verify that they have been blaspheming, and they still have not accepted Jesus.”  

    That’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    Kitsap Color Classic

    KCC_09A couple of weeks ago I was able to ride the Kitsap Color Classic, a bike ride around the northeastern side of the Washington peninsula.  It was great!  Since Sam had driven his truck over to see his girlfriend, he as able to take me and my bike down to the ferry in Edmonds, from there I ferried over to Kingston to start the ride.
    KCC into the treesThere were several routes to choose from, the route I took me from Kingston north to Hansville then around to the west and south back to Kingston.  Apparently I choose the “hilly” route, which I certainly would not have done had I know it before hand.  At one rest stop I was amid a …