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    How many times do we chafe against the repetition
    Straining against a fate measured out in coffee breaks

    How many times do we swallow our ambitions
    Long to give up the same old way, find another road to take
    - Neil Peart

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    Two Mountains

    This week I’ve pulled my phone/camera out twice for pictures of mountains.  Though the photography isn’t that great, the mountains sure  are.

    This first one is of Mount Baker.  It’s the view down the fairway of the fifth hole at Shuksan Golf, where Sam and I played just the other day.  There were a couple of great views of the mountain from the course, this is the only one I took a picture of.  And the golf was great too, as it always is with Sam!

    This next one is of Rainier from the plane as we flew out this morning.  This may have been the closest I’ve been to it.  Every time I see this mountain I’m struck by how big it is.  What we’re looking at in this picture is the part of the mountain that is ABOVE the cloud layer.  The entire rest of the area I could see from the plane was covered with clouds.




    Last weekend I rode the Red-Bell Century ride, 105 miles from Redmond to Bellingham. It was a great ride, and I should probably write a blog post about it; but I haven’t yet and I don’t have any pictures and I’m lazy….so maybe I’ll get around to it sometime. But today I wanted to write about the two rides I did this weekend.
    The first became interesting when I elected to continue north instead of taking my regular route to the east. I was continuing north from Lynden and it didn’t take long before I found myself on this road:

    This road is interesting because it actually looks and feels like a divided highway – that strip down the middle seperates two two-lane roads. However, both roads are completely independent of each other; both have one lane that goes each direction. The kicker is that the one I was on is in the United States and the one on the other side of that small ditch in the middle is in Canada. Yes, the small ditch is the border. I was tempted just to step across to see if there was a reaction from somewhere, but near the top of those poles you can see what I have to assume are cameras; that was enough to keep me on my side of the ditch.
    Then this morning, while riding through Paradise Valley, I saw this sign:

    Now that’s my kind of place! In a small building tucked just off WA 542, surrounded by trees, was a “Beer Shrine.” But wait! Not only a beer shrine, but also a brewery and pizzeria. Of course you would think that would be enough, but they didn’t stop, adding a beer museum! And how can you not think “icing on the cake” when you notice that it’s also a wedding chapel! Ingenious!

    Fish at SeaTac

    Those of you that have been to the SeaTac airport will have noticed the brass fish embedded into the floor. There are literally hundreds of these fish swimming along the walkways between boarding gates, they look like this:









    This evening as I was walking along, this one caught my eye:

    My Next Century Ride

    “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” ~ John F. Kennedy

    Riding the Tour de Whatcom 2011

    I’d like to talk with you a little about bicycles. I’ve always had a little bit of a fascination with bicycles; the first time I got on a bicycle I rode it quite well – in a straight line. I had no idea how to turn around so I just kept going until I was so far away from home I was scared to go any further so I let myself crash into the grass on the side of the road. Later I had a bike with the raised handle bars and the cool banana seats – a great bike for doing “wheelies.” When I was twenty my primary mode of transportation as a missionary was a bicycle. As an adult I seem to gravitate to bicycle riding as my exercise of choice, not the off road variety, but the long, marathon type rides. I’ve done many century rides (100 miles) and have done the Seattle to Portland ride (200 miles) once. But I gained an even greater understanding of my feelings about bicycles when I read this quote from Bicycling Magazine:

    “Faith, Love, Freedom? Is this too much to ascribe to a simple machine on which we are both engine and fuel (as well as passenger and pilot)? Can there be so much that’s so elemental in something most exquisitely designed to zoom down hills? The answer is right there, in your bike right now. Put a leg over one, and you can instantly see across that bridge from adult to child. There are about 1.1 billion bicycles making that trip right now. A billion people are pedaling with freedom and joy and innocence on the grandest, noblest toy in all the world.” – Bicycling Magazine, “The Noblest Invention”

    A bicycle may be the noblest toy in all the world, but it is also so much more, it can bring so much freedom and joy; way more than it’s simple design would hint at.

    As some of you know, a portion of our charitable contributions over the last couple of years has gone through See Your Impact; one of the projects we helped fund was to provide a bicycle for a young mother of two teanagers who are using their bicycle to get to the land they farm, the market and to school.  Because of my interest in bicycles, this year I am supporting another bicycle providing organization.

    On June 30th I’m riding 100 miles from Redmond to Bellingham, Washington to raise funds and awareness for the global work of World Bicycle Relief and the community work of Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation; World Bicycle Relief is a nonprofit organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles across Africa. Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation engages more than 26,000 Seattle-area youth per year by teaching elementary school students to ride and helping families find safe routes to school.  I would appreciate it if you could contribute to the cause.  You can easily do so from here:

    Craig’s Fundraising Page

    Even if you can only contribute a small amount, every little bit helps.

    Thank You!

    Cottle Candy Bowl

    It’s time for the annual Cottle Candy Bowl!!!

    Click HERE for all the info!

    And here’s the Gird:  Cottle Candy Bowl Grid

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