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    We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.
    - Kurt Vonnegut

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    Ready Player One

    I have a younger brother who makes a living as an English Professor. Whenever I see him I ask for book recommendations and he always has some for me. Unfortunately, he often recommends material that he’s reading and what he reads is often a little over my head. But the last time I talked with him he said that he had just finished a book that he thought I would enjoy and that I should check it out for the nostalgic factor he was sure I would experience. It may be the best recommendation he’s given me.

    Ready Player One is a simple, nostalgic story set in the year 2045. A tale set thirty years in the future, but a future that has become obsessed with 1980’s culture. It’s the first novel from Ernest Cline, who’s most known for writing the screenplay for …

    Two for One Book Review

    The last two books I’ve read are considerably different, but share a common bond: both were written from unusual and what I found to be very interesting perspectives.

    Room, by Emma Donoghue is the story of a victim of abduction and her five year old son.   They live their lives in an 11X11 foot room; never leaving the ‘prison’ that is their world.  The entire story is told from the perspective and in the voice of the five year old.  While that means the language is realitively simple and straight forward, the author effectively portrays and says a great deal about the human condition and the emotions and feelings that make us human.  The story is pretty good, the story telling very well done.  Even though the premise may seem disturbing, there is a great deal …

    I just reread Trevanian’s The Main, one of my favorite books.  There was I time that someone asked me to address books that have had a big impact on me, and this was one I wrote about.  I said:

    “At the risk of showing my age I’ll bring up Trevanian, whose most popular work is probably The Eiger Sanction.  The Main is about a policeman in Montreal whose life revolves around his beat.  I was so able to identify with the character that it was some time before I came to realize that his life was tragic and that the loneliness that surrounded him was what made him tragic.  I realized that the love of those around us is what matters in the enrichment of our lives, not just our own life.”

    To that, I would like to add:  The reason this is such a great book is because it’s such a …

    How to Talk to Girls

    This morning I read what is destined to become a classic in my library.  I’m going to recommend it highly, and to the degree that I’m capable, I’m making it required reading for my sons. The book:   “How to Talk to Girls” by Alec Greven.

    Alec is currently nine years old, he wrote this book when he was eight.  Originally the piece was a pamphlet that he sold at his local book fair.  It was very popular, Harper Collins then got a hold of it, paired it with illustrations from Kei Acedera, an illustrator out of Toronto, and published it last year.

    Like the essay “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, Alec has managed to simplify things for us.  Specifically those relationships …

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