GFFL 2010

Dateline – WASHINGTON (the state) – It’s that time of year – time to start thinking about FOOTBALL, and that means it’s time for the second season of the Greyhavens Fantasy Football League. After a successful first season, the league is once again poised to provide fun and excitement for everyone that wants to participate.

Oddly enough, the original founding teams are all that currently have registered for the 2010 season: Dunedain, The Hand of David and Snowmen.  The league is still hoping to hear from some of last years’ teams, particularly the Bruisers, the Bulldogs, The Burning Legion and last years’ regular season leader the Wurstens6, as well as some new managers that have expressed interest in joining the league.

There continues to be an emphasis on simplicity in the league, which will continue with the simplified draft which requires managers simply to rate players in order of preference – or even do nothing and rely on Yahoo Sports preference rankings.  Scoring will remain basic with some additional offensive ways to score points (points for receptions and completions, additional points for longer field goals) and some additional defensive points (increased points for interceptions, blocked kicks and fumble recoveries; points for defensive return yards and defensive return touchdowns).

Team owners will need to register their teams soon in order to have time enough to reorder their draft preferences.  Registration is simple and requires only a yahoo id.  If interested in registering your team, simply send an email to requesting registration information.  You’ll receive complete, easy to follow directions to register your team.  Any questions can be directed to Commissioner Cottle at or via any of his web presences (Live, From Wherever I Am, All Cottles Great and Small, or Facebook.

The GFFL draft will be conducted on or around September 5th.  All managers must be registered before 11:59 pm on September 4th.  Good luck!

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  1. Kristin says:

    I’ve got my team – the Snowmen – all ready for the draft.

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